Mary Magdalene Prison Ministry

Saint Mary Magdalene

The Gospel tells us that Mary Magdalene was one from whom "seven demons had gone out" (Luke 8:2). Was she really a victim of demonic possession? Or was she mentally ill? Or was Mary, as the western tradition has it, a woman in the grips of prostitution? Whatever Mary's problem was, it was, to be sure, somthing dark. Yet she had come to Jesus in her brokeness. Overwhelmed with the desire for something to change, she asked him to heal her. Jesus did. From that time on, Mary followed Jesus anywhere and everywhere.

"I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

About Mary Magdalene Prison Ministry

Before there was a Mary Magdalene Prison Ministry, there was what we called the ACTS Retreats.

My husband, Larry brought ACTS (now know as KOLBE Prison Ministry) into the Connelly Unit in Kenedy in August 2009. After each retreat, Larry would come back different. He would become closer to our Lord and see the love of our God through helping prisoners find God’s love and mercy.

As Larry changed with every retreat, so did the prisoners he meet during these retreats. Many new volunteer and members of the KOLBE Prison Ministry have said the same. They continue to offer their time to do the Lord’s work and help their fellow brothers who are troubled and in the dark find and become closer to God. As these men seek to help one another they spread the light and help each other see God’s plan for each and everyone of them.

One of the most life changing part is when all this hard work yielded results. Larry began receiving letters from prisoners. Months go by and more and more letters came in from prisoners. Letters of Thanks, Question about God, How much they’ve changed, and many more…

These letters are the many other children of God asking for a second chance, and it brought tears to our eyes.

Inspired by my husband, I wanted to experience the same thing. I wanted to touch lives and make a difference through the power of God.

With much patience, understanding and help of many other brave women from Central Texas we were able to brought forth Mary Magdalene Prison Ministry into Lockhart Prison in June of 2013. We are growing strong and continue to do God’s work and now help many women turn to God for his forgiveness.

God has a plan for all of us, we all must use that plan wisely. Help others find their plan so that one day we can all live in Peace with the Lord.